14 NOVEMBER 2014


Tax deductibility Donations.

We are now registered with the government agency, Creative Partnerships Australia, to offer tax deductibility to festival donors via their government approved Australia Cultural Fund (ACF).

Go the ACF website to pay your donation online at


 or Download the ACF donation form here


Event Registrations are now closed.

Event registrations are now closed and we are in the process of combining all the information to produce the program and web site. The programs will be available late in December. More details about getting your copies for distribution will be available then.

queries can be sent to admin@festivalfleurieu.com.au

Or contact the festival coordinator  Jill Langford on 0414 824 885.

Can you help us - our Partnership Program

We are seeking partners to make the 2015 Festival Fleurieu a success.

 or Download the Partner Brochure Program here

For more information and to discuss a tailored partnership package please contact

Greg Mackie 0412890598 greg.mackie@me.com

Ian Jenkinson 0409699043 ihjenkinson@acnrep.com